Half day course: 9:30am to 1pm; Price is 180,000 LAO KIP (approximately 25USD)

    If you've never climbed before this 4 hour introductory course is the ideal way to get yourself started.

    You will learn: top-rope climbing, belay techniques, safety measures, equipment use and basic climbing techniques.

    Full Day course 9:30am to 5pm; Price is 260,000 LAO KIP (approximately 35USD)

    This course is also designed to introduce you to the foundations of rock climbing.

    Morning: top-rope climbing, belay & climbing techniques, equipment use, safety measures.

    Afternoon: top-rope & / or lead climbing, trekking, absailing

    3 day course over 4 days; Price is 1,325,000 LAO KIP (approximately 165USD)

    This is the ultimate introduction to rock climbing and instruction designed to give you a full understanding of climbing and safety techniques.

    Day 1: Top rope climbing, equipment use, belay and climbing techniques, safety instruction.

    Day 2: Top-rope & / or lead climbing, absailing, safety instruction

    Day 3: Top-rope & or lead climbing, multi pitch climbing, absailing and safety instruction.

    Gear rental is also availale: Full set for two people is 350,000 LAO KIP per day (approximately 45USD).

    Other activities:

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